Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) - The Vine, Sevenoaks

Closed 24 Sep 2023

Opened 14 Aug 2023


Sevenoaks District Council is considering a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) at The Vine, Sevenoaks, to combat anti-social behaviour.

When a Public Space Protection Order is put in place, it gives the Police and the Council the power to issue a warning or a fixed penalty notice for anti-social behaviour.

It will also prohibit behaviour which is likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress. This means those causing trouble cannot return to the area within 24 hours.

Before this is put in place, the Council is holding a six week consultation with residents to find out their opinions on the PSPO and any other thoughts about tackling anti-social behaviour.

We will not ask for any personal information in this survey. Should you provide any personal details, such as names, it will treated in confidence in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Why your views matter

Why your views matter

We know this is an important topic to residents so we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to combat anti-social behaviour.

Please let us know your views on the proposed measures before midnight on Sunday 24 September 2023.

What happens next

Thank you for your responses.  The next steps are that the results will be looked at by the Community Safety Unit and if there is enough supporting evidence this will go through our Council process or applying for a 3 year PSPO for the Vine.  The paper/order will go to People & Placeds Advisory Committee on 30 November 2023 and Cabinet on 14 December for approval.  If approved the order will be put in place.


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