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Featured activities

  • Plan 2040 - A new Local Plan for Sevenoaks District

    Local Plan 2040 We are currently consulting on our Regulation 18 Part 2 Consultation of Plan 2040 - a new Local Plan to cover Sevenoaks District. The new Local Plan covers the period from 2025-2040 and includes proposals for new homes for all, employment land, protecting business space and supporting our high streets and new facilities such as schools, health centres and transport. It also aims to protect the District’s character and...

    Closes 11 January 2024

  • Self and Custom Build Register

    About the register We have set up a register for people who are interested in the self-build or custom-build houses in Sevenoaks District, in line with our duties according to the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 and the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding (Register) Regulations 2016. The register forms part of our evidence base and helps us understand the level of demand for self-build and custom-build houses. This helps us prepare and implement planning policies. ...

    Closes 1 February 2030

  • Swanley Neighbourhood Plan - Regulation 16 Consultation

    Swanley Town Council have prepared a Neighbourhood Development Plan, which sets out a vision for the future of Swanley and planning policies which, once adopted, will be used to determine planning applications locally. Swanley Town Council formally submitted the Swanley Neighbourhood Plan proposal to Sevenoaks District Council on Thursday 2nd November 2023. In accordance with Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), the submission includes...

    Closes 11 January 2024

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